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  1. questionCan I add a new question to your knowledge base?
    At the top of every screen in the knowledge base is a menu item that says, "Ask a question"Just click this button and fill out the form.Your question will be answered, usually within a day.
  2. questionCan I submit a question anonymously?
    You have to enter a something for the name and email address when you submit a question.By doing this we are able to email the answer directly to you.However, if you do not want the answer you can put in anything for the name and anything for the email address (the email address must be in the r ...
  3. questionWhen I submit a new question to your kb, I have to enter a nonsense code. What's that for?
    It's to reduce the amount of spam we get. This way, we can make sure that a real person is submitting the question and not an automated script ("robot"). It is becoming standard practice for web sites to require this kind of verification step. It's too bad, but the spammers force us to use this ...