What's the difference between Viton and EPDM?

The primary difference between Viton and EPDM is chemical resistance.

EPDM is good in steam applications and has fair chemical resistance.  It should not be used with solvents or petroleum agents.

Viton has excellent chemical resistance.  There are currently three grades of Viton available:
  • Viton A is the most common and should not be used with most Ketones and Esters.  It has varying performance in steam.
  • Viton GF is more chemically resistant and offers excellent steam resistance, too.  It should not be used with many Ketones and Esters.
  • Viton ETP is the most chemically resistant Viton offering the greatest steam resistance and can be used with some Ketones and Esters.

Note:  Please use this information as a general indication of the differences between the materials.  Do not use this information to determine if an elastomer is right for your process. Before using any elastomer in a process, you should verify it's compatibility with an elastomer expert.

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